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Better for Veterans: A Movement to Improve Outcomes for Veteran Students

For more than a decade, veterans have trailed non-veteran students in academic outcomes like graduation and post-graduation employment. With more than one million veterans currently enrolled in degree programs and more than 200,000 exiting the service each year there is no time to lose. Potential military students receive little evaluative information regarding available education options, leading in some cases to poor decisions that result in unnecessary debt or investing education benefits in training they have already received during their military career.

On behalf of our nation’s military and veteran students, we invite you to join us in rallying with a unified voice, in cutting through the divisive dialogue, in joining forces to address the needs of more than a million men and women who have served and now prepare for their next phase in our nation’s classrooms. 

Our mission is to identify individuals and organizations that are willing to take up the banner, either as an institution ready to adopt these basic principles, or advocates willing to facilitate the next logical steps of this nascent effort. We propose that institutions adopt a basic commitment to be better for veterans across all measurable outcome areas, and that where there are deficiencies, that these organizations commit to instituting a plan, and where there are strengths to commit to sharing best practices.

To make this vision reality, we need your voice – we need every voice. Pledge YOUR support to BETTER FOR VETERANS today!


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