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Better for Veterans: A Movement to Improve Outcomes for Veteran Students

For more than a decade, veterans have trailed non-veteran students in academic outcomes like graduation and post-graduation employment. With more than one million veterans currently enrolled in degree programs and more than 200,000 exiting the service each year there is no time to lose. Potential military students receive little evaluative information regarding available education options, leading in some cases to poor decisions that result in unnecessary debt or investing education benefits in training they have already received during their military career.

On behalf of our nation’s military and veteran students, we invite you to join us in rallying with a unified voice, in cutting through the divisive dialogue, in joining forces to address the needs of more than a million men and women who have served and now prepare for their next phase in our nation’s classrooms. 

Our mission is to identify individuals and organizations that are willing to take up the banner, either as an institution ready to adopt these basic principles, or advocates willing to facilitate the next logical steps of this nascent effort. We propose that institutions adopt a basic commitment to be better for veterans across all measurable outcome areas, and that where there are deficiencies, that these organizations commit to instituting a plan, and where there are strengths to commit to sharing best practices.

To make this vision reality, we need your voice – we need every voice. Pledge YOUR support to BETTER FOR VETERANS today!


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Site is live to all petitioners! Updates

Just opened the site to the public and have hit 100 in just the first hour! Share, like and refer!

Petition launched on Updates

We’ve launched the petition on be sure to support us there as well!

We are gathering our core group of supporters! Updates

We’ve begun to host forums and discussions around our data findings to better understand the needs of veteran students and more importantly what factors comprise the most reliable outcomes.

Webinar completed for colleges on survey trends 2015-16 Updates

Nearly 200 Colleges were represented in our training webinar regarding prior year survey trends and changes to the 2016-17 survey cycle.

Data analysis of 1,900 Colleges is complete! Updates

We’ve completed our data analysis of veteran outcome data … seeking correlations between institutional investments and veteran student outcomes.

The Pledge

For more than a decade, our nation’s veterans have trailed non-veterans in education outcomes. We can do better.  We must do better.  We will do better.

It is time for student veterans, higher education, veteran service organizations, federal agencies and private sector advocates to come together for the benefit of the next Greatest Generation; to commit to being “Better for Veterans.” We must set common goals, define unacceptable behaviors and encourage best behaviors.  If we do this, our nation’s most deserving will maximize their rich post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, we will educate the next Greatest Generation and in doing so, we will enable them to inspire and lead our great country.

For student veterans, that means communicating what is important, then working together on campus to achieve those goals.

For higher ed institutions, that means better recruiting practices, helping veterans transition socially and academically into a campus environment, creating a more enjoyable experience while a student and a better employment outcome when it’s done.

For VSOs, that means influencing our elected officials to pass laws that let student veterans maximize the use of our educational benefits.

For government agencies, that means setting clear definitions of unacceptable behavior, writing policy with clear standards and providing the most up-to-date information on school compliance.

For private sector advocates, that means sharing best practices among schools, encouraging higher standards, incentivizing our best schools to invest in student veterans and connecting higher ed to employers to maximize employment outcomes for student veterans.

I/We hereby commit to being “Better for Veterans.”

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